Steve Moody

Steve Moody is currently the COO of MSP Digital’s Massachusetts operations.

Prior to joining MSP Digital, Mr. Moody held a variety of positions with a focus on database management, campaign retention and custom data analytics. These programs provided in depth client centric campaigns.

In 1993 Mr. Moody was one of the founders of CCI Direct, which focused on the not-for-profit sector and specialized in turn key fundraising campaigns. Providing concept to completion programs, CCI grew at a double-digit annual rate over the next 5 years. As a result of this strong performance, the company became operational in additional segments including the retail, travel and financial sectors and was capable of processing and handling over 8 million direct response solicitations per month.

Prior to CCI, Mr. Moody was an executive team leader for one of the pioneering companies in direct mail fundraising, The Lyman T. Corbin Company. By implementing new technology and a wider range of personalized applications, clients were able to establish a more unique brand identity that produced higher rates of return on both traditional and premium based fundraising efforts.

As an accomplished online and offline media professional Steve has a track record of exceeding client expectations. Working at MSP service offerings have been accelerated with specialties in custom web development, web marketing portals and integrated campaign management.


Peter Winters

Peter Winters is an integrated marketing specialist with MSP Digital Marketing.

Over the course of his career, Peter has become a passionate expert in the evolving field of “integrated cross media marketing”. He works with organizations to help them understand, strategize and implement the benefits of increased rates of return that comes from integrated marketing. Peter has written and spoken nationally on the subject of how companies can increase their levels of performance and customer rapport.